Oildale’s Water Patrol

BAKERSFIELD, CA – It’s Tuesday evening, and only people with odd-numbered addresses should be watering. It’s Mason Burleson’s job to make his customers aware of the rules.

Oildale is part of the county, but they’ve adopted the same rules as the City of Bakersfield. Rules like, people with an odd numbered address can only water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. People with an even numbered address can water on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

But as homes were checked off the list, no fines were given, yet.

Water patrolman Mason Burleson said, “we just want you to go ahead and comply, we don’t want you to get cited, we don’t want you to get fined. And a lot of people understand that and they are being very compliant with us.”

But if at some point people are continuously wasting water and breaking the rules, Burleson will have no choice but to write the fine.

Burleson said, “It’s a $25 fine on your first offense and then if we have to come back out again it will be a $50 fine. So, we are hoping we don’t have to get to any tickets. We are hoping everybody’s going to comply, and right now everybody is doing a pretty good job.”

If you live in Oildale and need assistance with adjusting your sprinklers or have any questions you can call Oildale Mutual Water Company at 661-399-5516.