At the time of the origination of providing service to the community, all service locations were charged a fixed (flat) monthly fee for their water service. While the majority of service locations are currently billed as Flat Rate Service, the ever increasing demand for water has prompted the state of California to mandate that all water providers are to convert all services to metered accounts by 2025. Consequently, all new service must be established as Metered Service and existing Flat Rate Service accounts will eventually be converted to metered accounts. In the interim, OMWC provides both Flat Rate and Metered Services.

Types of Service

  • All new service requests must be Metered Service
  • Existing Flat Rate Service customers have the option to convert to Metered Service, at the customer’s expense. The amount charged is the aggregate material costs only that are incurred for the conversion.
  • Conversion to 3/4″ Metered Service = $200
  • Conversion to 1″ Metered Service = $300
  • To request conversion to Metered Service, complete an application and prepay for the installation of the meter in our office.


Flat rate customers have the option for installation of metered services at customer’s expense.

Flat Rate Service

The size of the lot and the number of dwelling units on the lot determine the monthly charge. The Dwelling Unit Charge is a fixed monthly charge in addition to the calculated charge based on the lot size, subject to the Minimum Lot Sq. Ft. Charge. The Swimming Pool Charge is an additional fixed monthly charge, if applicable to the property. The following rates are effective January 1, 2022:

Rate/100 sq. ft. of Lot $ .35
Per Dwelling Unit Charge 21.00
Swimming Pool Charge 4.00
Minimum Sq.Ft. Charge 7.50

Metered Service

The Service Charge is a “Readiness To Serve” charge applicable to all metered services, set relative to the meter size, regardless of water usage. The water used, computed at the Water Consumption Rate, is added to the Service Charge. The Water Consumption Rate is also set relative to the meter size. The meter reading of water consumption is reported and calculated in terms of 100 cubic feet (748 gallons). The following rates are effective January 1, 2022:

Meter Size/Description Service Charge Water Consumption Rate
5/8×3/4-inch $ 18.10 $ 1.20
3/4-inch 23.40 1.20
1-inch 34.30 1.20
1 1/2-inch 83.05 1.20
2-inch 105.35 1.20
3-inch 167.75 1.20
4-inch 247.60 1.20
6-inch 358.05 1.20
8-inch 522.50 1.20
10-inch 632.50 1.20
3/4-inch spacer – Construction 35.00 0.0000

Fire Standby Service

Fire Standby Service is optional for commercial and industrial accounts. As of January 1, 2022, it is charged on a fixed rate of $10.00 per inch of pipeline size.

Understanding Your Bill

Click on the link below to get an in depth overview of how to read your bill.

How to read your bill