Good job! Locals improve water conservation efforts

By Christine Bedell

Californians reduced their water use by 29 percent in May compared to the same month two years ago, the biggest drop since the governor called on us to sacrifice due to the drought.

Many in Kern County did even better, including customers of Cal Water Bakersfield and Shafter at 37 percent, Arvin at 35 percent and even the Rosedale area at 30 percent, according to the State Water Resources Control Board.

“The numbers tell us that more Californians are stepping up to help make their communities more water secure, which is welcome news in the face of this dire drought,” State Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus said in a news release. “That said, we need all Californians to step up and keep it up as if we don’t know when it will rain and snow again, because we don’t.”

Here’s how much customers of local water districts saved in May compared to May 2013:

Arvin Community Services District: 35%

City of Bakersfield (primarily southwest): 25%

California Water Service Company Bakersfield: 37%

California Water Service Company Kern River Valley: 27%

City of Delano: 20%

East Niles Community Service District: 34%

Lamont Public Utility District: 32%

Oildale Mutual Water Company: 30%

City of Shafter: 37%

Vaughn Water Company (Rosedale): 30%

City of Wasco: 25%