Oildale Mutual Board Re-elected with Overwhelming Support

The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of Oildale Mutual Water Company (OMWC) was held on October 1st and highlighted strong customer support for their representatives on the privately-held company’s board.

Don Wattenbarger, Fred Hupp, Lonny Boller, Bill Purkiser, and Hugh Pearson were each re-elected by 228,422 shares, representing the customers of this nearly 100-year old company.

“We are grateful for such strong community support,” declared board president Don Wattenbarger. “All of us serving on this board are here for the people of Oildale. We are driven by a simple desire: to run a fiscally solvent company providing a critically needed water supply and protecting our customers from the abuses of government.”

Oildale Mutual has been locked in a dispute with their water wholesaler, North of the River Municipal Water District. OMWC has objected to excessive travel, personal expenditures like home alarm systems, and grossly high salaries, plus $60,000 in cash bonuses paid to one employee—being passed along to their customers by this public agency.

“While we appreciate the trust that the citizens of Oildale have shown in us,” continued Wattenbarger, “we need your help to put a stop to the excessive charges being passed along to our customers. This November’s election represents a unique opportunity for the voters to speak up and say “enough” to the NOR Municipal Water District—and elect fiscally responsible individuals to replace them.”

Oildale Mutual Water Company was founded by the residents of Oildale, California in 1919 to develop a provisioned water system to meet the demands of the growing community.

The Company is supporting the committee to elect Jim Tyack, Dennis Meier, and Ray Etcheverry to the NOR Municipal Board of Directors in the November 6th general election.