OMWC Water Patrol

Water patrol raising awareness about wasting water in Kern County

Oildale Mutual Water Company has had a water patrol program for decades and uses it as another tool to cut down on water use.

“I get to go all around Oildale. I usually cover the whole area during time I work,” said Kristina Meier.

The water patrol employees aren’t like police officers. The goal isn’t to enforce the rules, but instead to raise awareness about saving water.

“If I see some water running into the street then I just go by and make people aware that their hose is running because sometimes people forget,” explained Meier.

Doug Nunneley, General Manager for the Oildale Mutual Water Company, told 23ABC in the past the company has hired anyone from college students to teachers and even retired California Highway Patrol officers.

“We usually try to get someone that is a people person,” said Nunneley.

Meier is working to pay for college and also make a difference by helping others save water.

“That’s what we’re out there for is to raise awareness that people need to conserve,” said Meier.

“Water is precious and they should use what they need, but not anymore than they need,” said Nunneley.

Nunneley told 23ABC 70 percent of the water usage is from people watering their lawns. Nunneley also said the best time to water is after midnight before the sun rises.

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